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Coyotes’ chucks Natural Foods

CHICAGO — The Coyotes have a new natural foods team, but coach Dave Tippett is confident the team can take advantage of the opportunity to grow its roster in the near future.

“We have some really good players on the team, and some young guys, so it’s an opportunity to get them playing with some really experienced people and develop some chemistry,” Tippetts said.

“You’re going to get a little bit of speed out there, and we want to take advantage.”

One of those players is Chucks Natural Foods.

The team is looking to expand its roster by adding two new players and three former players.

They’re currently in the process of making the roster, but Tippets hopes to add players as soon as possible.

“When you’re building a team, you’re going from a draft to the NHL,” he said.

“You’re trying to find those guys that are going to fit right in and have the experience, and that’s what Chucks has, is they’ve got experience in the game.”

Chucks Natural Resources (CNR) is based in Phoenix, Arizona.

It’s a food business that focuses on producing, growing and marketing organic food and natural ingredients, including raw meats, poultry, fish and seafood.CNR also owns the Natural Foods Express franchise, which is a full-service grocery store that sells natural foods to retailers, restaurants and restaurants that serve food.

The Coyotes and CNR signed a five-year contract extension in February, and the team signed two free agents to bolster its roster before the start of the 2016-17 season.

One of them is former Arizona Coyotes goalie Matt Duchene, who will join the Coyotes as a player development consultant.

Duchene is one of the top goalies in the league at the moment, having been named the league’s top goalie by the Sporting News in March.

“Matt is a guy that’s a very intelligent guy,” Tuckett said.

“[He’s] a guy who has been working hard for his career.

I think Matt has got a lot of great qualities.

I know him very well, and I think he’s got a good attitude.

He wants to win.

He just wants to play hockey.”