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Irish food company will open ‘natural’ natural antibiotic restaurant in the capital

An Irish food chain has announced plans to open a natural antibiotic-free restaurant in Dublin.

The Irish Natural Products Association said the company would open its first branch in the city in April next year.

The restaurant will offer products such as natural collagen, herbal natural skin cream and organic and natural meat products, said the group’s director, Claire Cogan.

The group also plans to sell products from its own natural products division, which it says has more than 4,000 members across Europe and the United States.

Its founder, Dr Patrick Murphy, has been promoting natural products since 2009 and the company has now sold more than 300,000 products to customers across the world.

“We are very excited to have the opportunity to partner with a company with such an outstanding brand, a history of building a sustainable business and the ability to work closely with our customers, who have supported the company for a number of years,” Ms Cogan said.

The Natural Products and Ingredients Association is part of the Irish Government.