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Why the GOP is the only party fighting to save the planet

The GOP is now the only mainstream party that wants to cut subsidies for wind farms, water fountains, solar panels, and the like.

That’s according to a new report by the Natural Resources Defense Council, which said that even as the GOP pushes to reduce subsidies for renewable energy, the party’s leaders have largely failed to do so.

The report, based on research from NRDC and the Natural Capital Coalition, found that while the Republican Party supports cutting subsidies for fossil fuels, its leaders have been slow to implement such cuts, which would have the effect of hurting the most vulnerable groups.

It also found that the GOP’s failure to protect the environment is a major barrier to the GOPs successful push to cut fossil fuel subsidies.

NRDC has long argued that the party should support policies that would reduce greenhouse gas emissions, such as by limiting carbon pollution from cars and trucks.

However, the report argues that the current climate-friendly policy of subsidies for renewables has resulted in a subsidy-happy GOP that “has been unable to get much done on the environment.”

The report cites a report by NRDC that found that, while the GOP has made efforts to cut wind and solar subsidies, the GOP also has been slow on addressing other key climate-related issues.

It cites an example of the party adopting a climate-change-denying position that is not supported by the science.

The study found that when the GOP took office in 1993, it was the only major political party in the country that had opposed the Kyoto Protocol on climate change.

The party adopted a policy called “Clean Power Plan” that aimed to reduce carbon pollution by encouraging renewable energy sources like wind and natural gas.

That policy was opposed by a number of prominent Democrats, including former President Bill Clinton and former Vice President Al Gore.

NRCD argues that, because of the GOP, the nation is currently at “dangerous” levels of climate change and that it is critical to protect future generations from climate change, NRDC said.

The organization also says that the fossil fuel industry’s reliance on subsidies to subsidize fossil fuels is creating a “death spiral.”

The group argues that fossil fuel companies are making profits while their carbon pollution harms the environment.

“It’s a death spiral for the planet and for the American people,” NRDC President Joseph Bast said in a statement.

The group also pointed to the recent push to increase fossil fuel production, which has led to more than 3 million jobs and the creation of more than a trillion dollars in economic activity.

NRDF says that, at the current rate, the economy will create an additional 1.3 million jobs by 2040.