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How to cook with the man who invented the dish that’s now become one of the nation’s favorite dinner entrees

When Sam Mendes and his wife, Jane, opened Mendes Brothers Natural Foods in 2012, they knew their restaurant would eventually be a destination for locals to visit and eat.

It was, after all, a local restaurant.

But it wasn’t until the restaurant opened its doors in 2018 that the brothers discovered the world of natural foods.

Mendes, who was born in rural Wales, said his family has been in the natural foods business for as long as he can remember.

In fact, he said, they’ve been involved in the industry since he was a child.

“I’ve always been a fan of cooking,” Mendes said.

“My dad was a gardener.

And I’m just fascinated by it.”

Mendes was born and raised in a farming community in Wales.

His mother was a member of the National Farmers Union.

And his father was a local businessman.

Mendis’ father, Sam, was a famous chef and was known for cooking the best chicken in the world.

His son, Sam Mendesian, grew up in the same farming community as his father, and he said his father also had a passion for the natural world.

“He loved nature,” Mendesian said.

The brothers decided to open a restaurant because they wanted to share the passion for cooking with people who were a part of the community.

They also knew that the restaurant would be open for many years, so they figured they’d better make it sustainable.

Mendesian and Jane Mendes opened the Mendes Bros Natural Foods restaurant in June 2019 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The restaurant has been a staple of the city for years, serving the locals in its traditional green-and-white decor.

It is open seven days a week, 365 days a year.

And the restaurant is just one of many natural food establishments in the city, from the popular organic farm-to-table restaurant to the vegan restaurant that serves the vegan menu.

But, it was the Mendesian Brothers Natural Food that was at the center of a viral video on Facebook in January 2018 that got people talking about what natural foods are and how they are so delicious.

A video of Mendes’ father cooking an entire chicken wing with a fork and spoon was shared thousands of times.

“We love cooking with him,” Jane Mendesian told The Washington Post.

“His dad is a huge advocate for cooking natural food.

So we had a really good time.

And he is very supportive.”

After Mendes had the video posted on social media, he received a lot of positive feedback.

He said he’s still getting emails from people who say they’ve eaten at the restaurant.

“It just blew our minds that people actually thought that it was possible to make it,” Mendese said.

He also said the video was inspiring.

“And it just touched people’s hearts and minds,” Mendis said.

It also got Mendes to thinking about the ingredients he uses at his restaurant.

He’s a big fan of kale, but he’s also known to make sure his ingredients are natural and healthy.

“There’s nothing unnatural about kale,” Mendies said.

His father used to cook for a living, so he knows how to use fresh ingredients.

“When you get your ingredients, make sure it’s fresh and organic,” Mendises said.

And Mendesian says he takes the responsibility of keeping the natural ingredients fresh very seriously.

“You can never over cook,” Mende said.

Mendises’ father said his wife used to take him out to the farmers market once a week and cook a chicken wing.

“Then she was like, ‘I need to make a chicken with that, it’s just too good,'” Mendes told The Post.

The first time he ever saw his father cook was while he was visiting him at his home in New York City.

“They were cooking the wings and it was a huge crowd.

And it was amazing,” Mendís father said.

When Mendes returned to his home state of Mississippi, he decided to cook some of his own.

“For the first time in my life I made the chicken and it went crazy,” Mendesi said.

They decided to try and make a healthy version of the chicken, which is a combination of white and yellow wings.

“That’s how I feel when I cook,” he said.