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Natural Food Certification: A new, open, sustainable business model

Natural food certification has always been a controversial topic in Australia, but the introduction of the national certification scheme in 2016 has seen the number of businesses offering certification grow rapidly.

A new certification scheme introduced in the state of New South Wales in 2018 has seen more than 600 businesses offering their own certification, and more than 2,500 businesses offering certified natural food products.

It is hoped that the introduction to the new system will encourage a new breed of business to take the reins of natural food, and create more opportunities for Australian businesses to compete on a global level.

The NSW Government announced the scheme in a statement, stating it “takes natural food into account when making decisions about whether to approve a business” and will “help ensure the integrity of the natural food sector”.

The scheme was designed to “create a pathway for business to achieve certification on the basis of natural products”, and the scheme will offer a range of options for businesses, including certifying products from Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore.

The Government has said it will also be introducing an open certification scheme, which will be open to all, including organic, natural food and food-derived businesses.

“This new certification system will make it easier for businesses to offer natural products to the Australian public, so we can better serve our growing market of more than 10 million Australians,” the NSW Government said.

The scheme will be a key part of the New South Welsh Government’s plans to attract more foreign investment to the state.

New South Walshes Premier Mark McGowan has said that it will allow the state to attract “more businesses to our community”.

The scheme has been created in conjunction with the NSW Greenfoods Association, which has said its aim is to help establish the “green” food sector in the State.

“The scheme is not just a matter of providing certifications to a small number of certified natural foods retailers but also the potential of new businesses that could bring in more revenue to the State,” said Andrew Maclean, general secretary of the NSW Greens, in a press release.

“As a community we need a green economy, we need green jobs, and we need to build an environment where natural foods are grown and processed locally, to ensure we have an economy that works for all.”

What is natural food?

Natural food means the use of the plants, animals and minerals that are naturally present in the environment.

Natural foods can include flowers, vegetables, fruits, nuts and berries.

They are also known as plant-based foods or organic.

Some countries have a national natural food system, which is a system of certification for natural foods that is set by the country.

The New SouthWales Government has set up a new system, called the Natural Food Standards Scheme (NFSS).

It was created in the early 2000s to promote the use and commercialisation of natural foods in the region, and the state has been a leader in the sector.NFSs have been around for over 20 years and they are the most recognised body for the natural foods sector in New Southwales.

The scheme has a list of 10,000 natural foods certified by the Natural Foods Council of Australia.”NFS is an Australian industry and the Natural Product Council of New Zealand is a member of NFS,” said New South wales Minister of State for Natural Foods and the Environment, David Bailes, in his statement.

“New South Wales is a global leader in natural food production, and this is why we’re proud to be a member and championing this important industry.”