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New York City Restaurants Now Serve Vegan Meals

Restaurants that offer vegetarian and vegan food now offer their meals without animal products, and the city’s largest vegan-friendly restaurant chain, The Tofu Restaurant Group, is expanding to New York’s Union Square.

The chain’s vegan menu has expanded from four restaurants to nine.

“Our commitment to our customers and to our community has always been to offer food with the healthiest ingredients and to help them to live a healthier life,” said John D. Vigoda, president and chief executive officer of The Tocumwal Group, which owns the restaurants.

“As the vegan community has grown, we’ve always focused on making the food we offer tastier, tastier and tastier.”

The chain will offer a vegetarian meal with tofu at most of its restaurants in New York.

The company said it is also expanding its vegan menu to include vegetarian burgers and sandwiches.

Viggoda said the chain’s decision to open vegan restaurants in Union Square came as a result of the success of the vegan food and beverage movement in New Jersey and New York state.

In New York, New York State has more than 30 restaurants offering vegan options, with more to come.

“It’s just part of the evolution,” Viggodas said.

“There is a lot of interest in vegan food, and it’s a way for the restaurants to connect with their customers and show them that their restaurant is safe and comfortable.”

The Toca Group, an American company based in Texas, will be the exclusive distributor of the company’s Tofuan Meals.

“We feel honored to be the first of the many restaurants in the nation to offer vegan and vegetarian food at all of our locations, including Union Square,” said Toca spokesperson, Kristin Rau.

“Toca Meals are a popular, authentic and convenient way to connect and celebrate our diverse community, and we look forward to serving our customers as they seek the healthful, flavorful, vegetarian dishes that have been their mainstay.”

In addition to its vegan and vegetarian offerings, TheToca Group also offers vegan and gluten-free menu items.

“This is the perfect time for us to take our lead from our vegan food lovers in New England,” said David C. Williams, president of TheTocumwala Group, referring to Vermont and Massachusetts, two of the states that offer the widest variety of vegan options.

Williams also said the Toca group is excited about expanding its offerings to New Jersey.

“When our members in Vermont and New Hampshire began to look into this, they asked us what our plans are to be vegan and what our future plans are,” Williams said.

In addition, the company is expanding its menu to offer an assortment of gluten- and vegan-free and gluten free menu items, which will also be available at the Tocuma locations.