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The ‘bizarre’ and ‘disingenuous’ argument for a $5-a-head tax on food

The federal government is making a big push to help people make the switch to eating less meat.

But experts say it’s also getting some “crazy” and “disingensuous” arguments to make its case.

The Trump administration is proposing a tax on imported meat and seafood worth $5 a head.

And that means people who want to reduce their meat consumption could have to pay a 10 percent tax on the product.

Critics say it goes against the grain of the government’s goal of promoting healthy eating.

And there are real problems with the proposal, including how much it could hurt the food industry.

The government is also proposing to cut the excise tax on all types of food and fuel from 14.5 percent to 9.5.

And it’s trying to encourage people to eat less of both.

There’s no consensus among experts about what to do about meat, and the proposal is unlikely to win many votes.

Some experts are skeptical it would work.

But the idea of a tax is getting some traction, and some lawmakers are pushing for it.