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Diane’s Natural Foods has raised $100M in funding

Diane’s, which is also the parent company of natural foods brands Kellogg and Nature’s Way, is launching its own food company, Natural Foods, this week, a major milestone in the company’s efforts to expand its offerings and take on the big brands.

It’s a significant step for the company, which already has a loyal following of health food and natural foods fans.

“Diane’s is taking on the challenge of bringing the most natural and nutritious foods to consumers,” Natural Foods CEO and founder Lisa Schilling said in a statement.

“We will not only create a high-quality food but also an engaging and inviting platform to show consumers that their health is not limited to the labels on grocery store products.”

The company has partnered with the food industry and is working with local partners to find a market for its products.

The company has also invested in a pilot program that will help the company target consumers with natural foods-specific nutrition information, including nutritional information tailored to their specific needs.

Schilling has previously said that the company is going to be targeting “foodies” and “health food” consumers with the launch of Natural Foods.

Natural Foods also plans to start offering “natural” items like almond milk and apple cider vinegar, which can be found in Whole Foods stores, on its shelves.

Natural foods products will also be available in Whole Market and grocery stores.

Schiller told The Verge that Natural Foods will be focused on growing its food-related sales, which have grown about 20% a year for the past two years.

The growth has been driven by the popularity of the brands and the growing number of people who are interested in natural food.

Natural Food is already one of the fastest-growing food brands in the U.S.

A growing list of natural products is also coming to Whole Foods, with the company announcing last month that it will add 100 new natural food items, including cranberry, cranberry juice, coconut milk, and mangoes.

The new items are available in all Whole Foods locations across the U