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When a child asks you for the best food for lunch, what should you say?

A boy from the UK has been diagnosed with a rare form of autism after asking a group of school friends to make him a bowl of noodles.

The boy, aged nine, told friends that he wanted a bowl for lunch.

The family at St John’s School in Newcastle, North Carolina, contacted social services to ask for a special bowl of pasta for lunch after their son, Michael, was told his parents could not afford to buy a normal one.

The school has since banned all forms of food and drink from school grounds, but Mr Jones said the boy’s actions were an example of the dangers of asking strangers for their opinion on food.

“I just wanted a normal lunch, so I would ask the boys, but I wasn’t expecting it to be quite this bad,” Mr Jones told ABC News.

“He got really angry and said he was going to kill me if I didn’t have the bowl for him.”

The boy’s family has since contacted the school to express their concern.

The principal of St Johns School in North Carolina said it was a “terrible incident”.

“We’ve got to ask ourselves what’s the most important thing to do, that’s the lunch table, but we have to make sure everyone’s got their lunch,” said St John Smith.

“We can’t force the kids to have a bowl, we can’t say, ‘It’s okay, you’ve got it, we’ll go get it for you’.”

But we can tell them to ask the boy, if they want to have the right to have that meal.

“The boy said he wanted the bowl, but he doesn’t want the food.”

The school principal said the school would now be using a different type of bowl to ensure the boy did not get food poisoning.

The St John family’s case has sparked a conversation about autism and the way we talk to others about it.