About us

Who We Are

JY Merchandise is farming export company that has earned the trust and confidence of our global exporters/importers by providing export quality farm fresh products, at affordable price & delivering it in time, all around the world. We are into contract Farming, Export & Import of agricultural products like Fruits, Vegetables, Spices, Rice, Food grains, Pulses. We focus on quality rather than quantity. We believe in a system where exporters have the options to produce what they export with the help of our farmers.
Our Mission

To serve nutrition and healthy products to all over the globe very effective manner.

Our Vision

Help of Customers we give our products to all around world. This way improves life standard of rural people by giving them suitable price of their products.


we make sure to test our products on several quality constraints to ensure their optimal usability in terms of freshness,purity and nutritious value.Products are delivered within stipulated.

If our customer need any other product instead of our products,
We can also provide that too, to satisfy our customers.